Hotel checkout: How not to bring home bedbugs

January 21, 2015 at 8:48 am

Hotel bedbugs

You may bring home all the toiletries and maybe even a robe from a hotel stay but don’t bring home bedbugs. Bedbugs are most commonly brought into your home after a stay at a hotel. Here are a few ways you can avoid checking out without those pesky bugs.

Checking in

It is good practice to inspect your room before you settle in. This is what you should do before winding down with some room service.

  1. Bathroom- Bedbugs are least likely to be found in the bathroom. When entering your room, store your luggage in the bathroom while you conduct your inspection.
  2. Inspect bed/room- Check the bed by pulling back the linens and checking for black dots or dried blood spots on and around the mattress. After you’re done with that check areas surrounding the bed and working your way outwards. If you find signs of bedbugs, request a new room.
  3. Luggage- Do not place your luggage on the ground or the spare bed and wrap it in plastic. Same goes for your clothing, hang in the closet or place it on the desk or countertops.

Bedbug dogs Manhattan

If you suspect bedbugs then contact First Response Bedbug Dogs. Their adorable dog inspectors are trained to sniff out bedbugs with accuracy. The sooner you confirm bedbugs the better so call (888)320-7347 today.

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