Our NEDSCA trained bed bug dog will accurately detect the bed bug infestation. First Response Bedbug Dogs provides canine detection services to investigate your premises for bed bugs. Our trained canines search for bed bugs with their noses which is faster and more accurate than any visual search done by a person. Dogs are naturally inclined to stick their noses into every crack and crevice and our dogs have been encouraged to follow this instinct so that no nook or cranny goes unchecked.

Our trained dogs sniff every part of your home that could be infested with bed bugs including:

  • Seams of mattresses, box springs and furniture
  • Baseboards and carpet edges
  • Curtains and fabric shades
  • Clutter and clothing near beds and furniture
  • Chairs and sofas
  • Electrical switchplates and outlets
  • Items such as bed frames, lamps, dressers and nightstands

A visual inspection by a trained human technician can take over an hour and has a 25 percent accuracy on average. The same inspection by a dog takes just minutes and is over 98 percent accurate. People who choose to have their premises inspected by bed bug dogs can avoid unnecessary and expensive extermination treatments if they do not have an infestation or can feel good about the necessity of such treatments if they do.

Homeowners and residents can get peace of mind from knowing that their property is free of bed bugs or confirmation that they need extermination treatments. Businesses such as hotels and motels proudly display their certificates of inspection to show that they are bed bug free. Thanks to the ever-increasing epidemic of bed bugs, being certified bed bug free can be great for business.

Once your home or business is certified free of bed bugs, First Response Bedbug Dogs can help you set up a prevention plan. Effective prevention plans can eliminate much of the worry and cost that comes with a bed bug infestation. Working with experts in the field can help ensure that your preventative measures are the best available.

First Response Bedbug Dogs is available for annual preventative checks, confirmation of suspected infestations and consultations. Our services are available in all parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Free estimates are available when you call so give us a call right away if you need bed bug detection services.