First Response Bedbug Dogs: We would like to thank you for your thorough inspection of our dermatology office. We get many patients who come in with bedbug symptoms and the entire staff here is always nervous about the chance of us having a problem of our own. We would love to have you back again.

– Melissa – Office Manager, Dr. Pasquale’s Office –
Brooklyn NY

To Whom This May Concern: I would like to thank you for pointing out the fact that we did NOT have bedbugs. I have never heard of carpet beetles, but that’s exactly what it ended up being.

-Larry Ferger Jersey City NJ

To Rocco: Thanks for your prompt attention in our office building. We would use you again but hope we don’t have to.

-Mike P. NY NY

First Response Bedbug Dogs: Your dog is absolutely amazing and such a hard working dog. We cant thank you enough for bringing him to our summer rental house. It was great to see a negative reading. We still actually never found out what was causing the problem but we were glad that bedbugs were ruled out.

-Sara Monaghan East Hampton NY